Farewell To Dave

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to scheduling issues Dave won't be playing the Amorphis concert with us on March 19. It's going to be a busy year for all parties involved so we can't say with certainty what capacity he will play in the upcoming album or shows to follow, but we're leaving the door open for the future.

We're all on the best of terms and wish our brother much success as well as sincere gratitude for the unparalleled role he's played in the past 7 years of Icarus Witch.


New Icarus Witch Album In The Works

While we've stayed in touch with many of you via our social media pages (linked on this site) it's been a while since we updated the news section here at IcarusWitch.com. While we decided to take a short hiatus last year after a decade plus push of writing recording and touring -- we're getting back into action with new tales to tell and a fresh perspective in 2017!

We're super stoked about the way the new music is flowing and think you will be too. Rather than book a bunch of shows and play the same old set, we're holding off on touring until we can add some exciting new melodic metal into the mix with the classic Witch you've come to expect. Thanks for your patience and all the love and support you feed us with on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube each day! 

Jason and Quinn creating the skeleton of the new Icarus Witch beast

Jason and Quinn creating the skeleton of the new Icarus Witch beast